Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DIY Anchor Embossed Wrapping Paper


One of our good family friends turned four last week.  His mama threw him a pirate themed birthday party over the weekend.  I love a party with a theme, don't you?!  It makes gift buying/wrapping fun.

I was bored the night before his party and came up with my own anchor embossed wrapping paper.

Here are some of the supplies I used.  Let me tell you a little secret too about kraft paper, you can get huge rolls of it in the paint department at Home Depot for cheap.  It is wider and heavier than the typical kraft paper wrapping paper, which is sometimes good, sometimes not so good, but you get a ton of it.

The first thing I did was wrap my gift in the kraft paper.  I used super tape instead of regular tape.  I did this for two reasons, 1) it is stronger than conventional tape which is a bonus when dealing with bulky paper and 2) it's double sided, there is no tape showing on your wrapped package.  It's the little deets :)

Next, I faintly drew diagonal lines across the package with pencil.  The width of this ruler was ideal for this.

See, faint lines.

This stamp pad gets a lot of loving.  Can you tell?  It's called a watermark stamp pad.  If you wanted to simplify this project you could just as easily stamp with standard ink and forget about embossing.

I'm a huge fan of embossing so I stamped away.  Before you apply embossing powder the stamp is clear.

I staggered the anchors as evenly as I could, just eyeballed it and kept the stamp between the lines.

Now this is embossing powder.  It comes in a ton of colors.

I sprinkled the powder on each anchor and then the fun part comes.

Shake the powder off and see your clear stamps become full of life.  I shake my embossing powder onto a manilla folder.  Then I close the folder so all the excess powder falls into the crease of the folder and pour it back into the powder container.  No waste.

Not done yet, after the powder is applied I went over the anchors with this heat tool.  It's one of my favorite crafting supplies I have.  They are around $24 at Paper Source.

As you go over each anchor, the embossing powder almost liquifies and the stamp becomes raised up and shiny.  It's super fun, like melting sugar on top of creme brulee!  After I went over all the anchors I erased all the pencil lines.

Once I had my packages embossed I also embossed a big blue four on my signature hangtag (the only reason it's my signature is a bought a box of 1,000 hangtags aka lifetime supply!).  Then I attached a personal note and tied everything together with cotton twine.

Two of the three gifts we gave our buddy went along with the theme.  The first one, pirate magnets.  They are so cute, magnetic, pirate paper dolls basically, all contained in this tin container.

The other item we gave him which I absolutely love is this anchor on linen colored canvas from Land of Nod.  His mom has a monogramming business so I thought this would be so cute to embroider his name or to put his monogram on it.

This wrapping project could be changed to suit all kinds of themes, the age of the recipient, hearts for Valentine's day, etc.  It was pretty easy and really fun.

If you want to see the deets of the party, you can check out my friends blog, Little Presidents Design, here.



  1. Sooo cute! Can't wait to stamp up some paper! Love Love Love the flag! Xo

  2. Such a great idea! And, you're right, embossing is SO fun...watching that powder melt. Makes me feel so professional. :)

    I'm wondering where you found 1,000 hangtags, because I need to go get them, too.

  3. So cute!!! I'm sure T loved the gifts and Ashley loved the packaging. I haven't used my Embosser in years, I'm going to drag it out for some gift wrapping. Never thought about using it that way. Thanks for a lovely idea. :)

  4. Amber, that is truly the cutest wrap ever! You have such fresh & fun ideas. I have an embosser, but for some unknown reason I haven't used it in years. The next time I wrap something, I will need to haul it out.
    All of the projects, crafts, wrapping ideas, etc. that you have are so unique. You need some type of Etsy business, because I think people would snap up whatever you make!

  5. oh my GOSH... i have learned so much in this single post. i have been using kraft paper (huge never-ending roll from amazon a few years back!)... BUT, i had no idea how an embossing gun works. i saw an instagram pic from ashley a while back, and i saved it as a reminder to do a little 'embossing research', but had yet to do so.

    i must get one. this is an area i could see myself becoming addicted to. pretty quickly.

    saving your post to refer back to once i have all my supplies!

  6. Yes...I think you have enlightened us with the embossing tool...I must get one! Your gift wrap is adorable. There are not enough hours in the day for all your fabulous ideas!!

  7. So precious. Love the gifts and adore the wrapping.