Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Paint Can Paperwhites for the Teachers

How's everyone doing out there?  I'm a bundle of mixed emotions and I have no words for last weeks tragedy.  Nothing I can say is adequate.  All I can do is pray for the families, believe in the greater good, and be present with my daughter.  By being present I mean, not overcome with fear and worry that something is going to happen to her when she is not in my care.  I know she knows, she's my number one.  She told me so last week.  She said to me, "Mama, you love me too much."  Those five little words are incredibly comforting and make it a little easier to drop her off at school.

To say thank you to her teachers and happy holidays, I'm giving them paperwhites, which I grow every year.  You can see last year's version here and here.  I've been looking for the perfect, inexpensive container to grow and gift my paperwhites in since I started growing them a few years ago.  These new, empty paint cans from Home Depot are ideal!

They cost less than $2 each and they don't have a hole in the bottom, perfect for growing paperwhites!  I spray painted them with chalkboard paint so we can write messages on them if we desired.  My inspiration came from Miss Mustard Seed.  Check out her post here.

This year some of my paperwhites went nuts and are blooming like crazy.  I found this on Pinterest and might give it a shot (haha!) next year.  Who knew plants like to drink?!

I grew them right in the paint cans in inexpensive pea gravel.

Before gifting them, I fancy them up with moss so you don't see the gravel.

I wish I had pretty handwriting.  I played around with a grouping, spelling out "Merry".  How fun would it be to write a monogram on each can?  If I could, I would!

Instead, I stamped library cards with a pretty red bird and made handmade thank you hangtags.

I wrote personal little notes to each teacher on the back of the thank you tags and tied everything together with red ticking.

I hope you're all enjoying the season and living your best life.



  1. Amber,
    These are just gorgeous....thoughtfully packaged up in a way that says you like you dear friend. Love all your photos!

  2. Greetings. I would like to pass on The Liebster Award to you. I get much enjoyment from reading your blog and if you feel like it is something you might be interested in doing then details of how to pass the award on can be found back on my blog

    I think it's a great way to discover new blogs but no worries if you don't want to pass it along!

    Hope all is well in your world.

    Best Wishes, Mici.

  3. Oh my gosh! Who wouldn't absolutely love these? I have been wishing for some paper whites. I am not crafty like you but now my brain is clicking thinking of other uses for those paint cans. Hmmmm. Happy Sunday.