Monday, November 12, 2012

His and Hers

I have some exciting news, friends.  I've signed up to run my fourth half marathon and my husband has signed up for his first.  I'm not a runner.  It is not easy for me, but I've come to crave the immediate after affects of a good run and the long-term affects it has on my waistline and my bottom line :)  For me, I get the most bang for my buck with running.  My husband and I used to workout a ton together when we were dating.  We'd go on 20 mile mountain bike rides after work every night.  We used to hike with his parents and my parents in the Sierra Nevadas.  For our fist Christmas as a married couple, we gave each other the gift of fitness and bought a treadmill.  Then we got comfy, then we had a baby, and working out together has gone to the wayside.  Over the last five years it seems like one of us has been on and one of us has been off the workout wagon, never in sync.  Someone has to watch the kiddo!

 For the longest time my husband has been working out haphazardly, only when he can coordinate with a workout buddy.  He gets up around five am every day, no matter what, seven days a week.  He usually has at least two hours of alone time every morning that he could use to workout, but if he doesn't have a buddy, he stays home and does who knows what, probably is on the internet reading about politics or the stock market or some guy version of Pinterest.  After trying and failing to coordinate am workouts with his buddies, I convinced him to sign up for this half marathon too.  Running is a solo thing.  We will run and train together, but that does not mean side by side, we are going through the motions together.  We can celebrate our running wins together and complain about our aches and pains together, but we don't run at the same pace and each of us has to jump mental hurtles alone, to be able to go the distance.  We fit in our training runs in our own time, him in the morning when he first gets up, and me when Sutton is in school.

We've logged 16 training miles so far, one week down, eleven more to go.  I found this training plan on Pinterest, and clicked through to the image's source,  I love their manifesto.  You have to make a choice to be healthy and no one is going to hold your hand.  No one is going to get your workout for you.  It has to be up to you, with or without your workout buddies.

Let's talk about gear.  I ordered these new running capris from this company called Sweaty Betty.  Ha ha!  How cute is that name?!  Anyone who has ever worked out with me, knows I'm a sweaty betty.  My body gets hot real fast and I sweat up a storm.  I'm a little nervous about how this pattern is going to look stretched across my behind, but you all know I'm kinda a sucker for florals.  Cross your fingers these look okay!

I have all sorts of problems with the way I run and I cannot run in any shoe.  To correct some of my issues I have to wear a stability shoe and I have to have additional stability provided by orthopedic inserts.  The best shoe for me at this point is the Brooks Adrenaline.  Unfortunately most stability shoes aren't as cute as neutral shoes, you know, because that's what's important.  Kidding... sort of.  I found this pair online which are better looking than the Adrenalines I've had in the past.  My husband had his feet evaluated while running and of course he has a neutral foot and has tons of shoe options available to him.  He also hopped on the treadmill and ran six miles straight without stopping once.  Running is going to be easy for him, lucky guy.

My husband and I have setup a running date for next Saturday.  We're going to get a sitter and run on some trails here, my favorite running spot.  It's kind of like we're dating again.  We have something positive and fresh to talk about, something other than our chaotic schedules, school, his work, etc.  I'm totally digging it and I love how my husband jumps whole-heartedly into things with me.  He's fully committed to the cause.  Yesterday he returned home from the grocery store with a copy of Runner's World for us.  It was cute.

I'm surprised at how we're connecting because we're running.  The goal was for each of us to get our workouts in, that was it, but being committed to a common goal has, in a week's time, brought us back to our carefree, pre-child days.

I have been doing some serious soul searching over the past couple months and have some fun things on the horizon, this half marathon being one of them.  Sometimes it's really great and very necessary to take a step back, take a deep breath, and re-evaluate.  Take your zoom lens off your life and look at the big picture.  Find what makes you and your family happy and push forward in that direction.  This is something that I'm just now realizing, but what makes you and your family happy might change with different phases of your life and that's totally okay!  This turned into a deeper post than I planned, but sometimes you just have to go with it and get stuff out!




  1. love this :) I wish I lived closer so we could run together sometime. I have attempted and cancelled many a half marathon because I give up before the long runs. And I have the very same issue w/shoes- mine are definitely not cute but they're functional!

    I told myself if I keep up the crossfit until Christmas I will buy some cute clothes from lululemon- no more ugly Target stuff! It's nice to have a goal, ha ha.

    1. Put some Lulu on your Christmas list, my friend! Their clothing is so well made and well thought out. They have little details that make the biggest difference in comfort, which matters when you're doing the same repetitive motion for two plus hours. I've been a huge fan since I started running.

  2. wonderful post Amber! And what a gorgeous place to take a run....I can practically smell that ocean air. I do miss that! You're gonna look fabulous in those floral running pants!!