Wednesday, November 30, 2011

to be sold

nautical knot bracelets

plain jute wreaths in red

tote bags


i'm only selling the ones in burlap, not the vintage cans.

holiday sayings

more totes

this one is my favorite and is going to be hard to part with.  how sweet would a monogram be centered between the handles of this! 

fancy jute wreath with super-sized wool tartan bow.  wishing i had a black front door right about now.

plain black jute wreaths

wreaths with sayings

and hopefully more!  i will be staying up until 2am over the next few days in preparation for the bazaar.  bring your friends and come see me.  i'd love to meet some of you.

and just in case you need the details again...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

i'm thankful that my girl is thankful

sunflower still life.  this was in my daughter's art file at school on monday.

this is what it said on the back.  i love this girl!  she is 4 years old.  i'd expect her to say she is thankful for her barbies or something material.  she totally gets it.  she's placing value on the time we spend together over material things that have no meaning.  i'm so thankful for her old soul.

happy thanksgiving!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Guest Post : Inspired Thanksgiving Decor

Hi, I'm Susi and I can usually be found blogging about light fixtures of all kinds or lighting ideas and trends for Arcadian Lighting. I love getting out and visiting blogs as a guest blogger, and I especially love visiting crafty blogs like The Girl is Craftee. My post today is about inspired Thanksgiving décor that can be done last minute. I hope you enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving Tables
This modern style dining room has some charming ideas for inspired Thanksgiving decor. DIY antler trophies made from branches give the room a chic harvest feeling. A table lamp on the buffet provides ambient light for making drinks or serving food.
Thanksgiving Tables
This Thanksgiving table celebrates the fall season in a non-traditional color palette of blue and red. The branches with colorful acorns tie in with the harvest theme of the holiday.
Thanksgiving Tables
Create seasonal art for the dining room to set the tone for the holiday. A large scale leaf painting or a collage of fall colors will add color and create a festive mood for the big meal. The holiday color palette plays off the neutral tone of the lovely drum pendant light over the table and works well to tie the entire room together.
Thanksgiving Tables
Combining the design craze for charming birds with Thanksgiving, this family of turkeys is a lovely addition to a mantle or a buffet table. I love the mix of textures and the feathers.
Thanksgiving Tables
Incorporating words of thanks into a Thanksgiving vignette on a mantle or table is a charming way to bring the meaning of the holiday to life. Painted miniature pumpkins or a small banner of pennants are easy DIY projects.
Thanksgiving Designs
What a charming and heartfelt addition to a Thanksgiving décor: the thankful tree! Each leaf is filled with a message of gratitude.
Thanksgiving Designs
These DIY corn husk pom poms make a lovely addition to the dining room hanging light fixture. A garland of them would also be festive by the mantle or in the foyer.
Thanksgiving Tables
For an inspired Thanksgiving table décor, look to the menu. Incorporating elements of the meal as décor, like these cranberries, is a lovely way to use what you have on hand. Decorating for the holidays doesn't have to be stressful if you use these quick, creative ideas. Visit Arcadian Lighting's blog for fresh design ideas every day! (Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Saturday, November 19, 2011


PICTURE WITH SANTA:  Bring the kids, say hi to SANTA and tell him what's on your list this year...We are so thankful to Walgreens who will be taking your picture with SANTA!

  Kidville Carlsbad will have a table for children to make glitter ornaments to take home for the holidays.

 This is a great opportunity to give back during the holidays to those less fortunate in our community. Proceeds from our Bake Sale and Vendor Space Fees will go directly to our charity ANGELS FOSTER FAMILY NETWORK.  We will also be accepting item donations which Santa will be delivering to the little boys and girls who need our help...Things which are in high demand are: Infant Formula, Diapers, Wipes and Clothing for Children Ages Newborn to 3 Years (including Pajamas and Shoes) as well as Children's Books and Toys.
SWEET THINGS:  There will be lots of yummy holiday treats available through our charitable Bake Sale as well as local vendor Dessertville who will be featuring Cake Pops and Cakes and taking holiday orders.  Bring your sweet tooth...
RAIN OR SHINE:  The bazaar is planned to be held outside, but if the weather isn't cooperating we will move inside.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

mark your calendars

hi friends!  some of my friends and i are having a holiday bazaar december 3rd!

we will have 17-20 different vendors selling a variety of goods and services.  we will have handmade holiday decor, hair accessories for children, tie dye children's clothing, handmade baby blankets, dessert vendors, and the list goes on an on.  we will even have free photos with santa and activities for your children!

i made this fabric banner out of scraps of fabric that i had.  we have no budget to advertise so it is up to us to promote.  my daughter's school has graciously allowed us to host this event there.

more information to come soon!  hope some of you so cal locals can join us!

Monday, November 14, 2011

pleasure to meet you

holy smokes friends!  do you know how long this has been on my wish list?!  quite some time.  when did pleasure chests change their name to ice chest?  pleasure chest just sounds like so much fun and makes me laugh every time i see it, sounds kind of naughty.  everyone should have a pleasure chest, don't you think?  i've seen these on ebay and etsy, but never in person.  the pleasure chest is pretty heavy which always makes the shipping around half the price of the item.  that never sits right with me, paying almost half the price of the item being shipped for shipping charges.  well, last friday was my lucky day friends.  i went to one of my favorite stores, in search of some fun containers to grow my paperwhites in and in the corner there was not only one pleasure chest, but double the fun.  they had two of them!  one in red and one in green.  i nervously paced around the store, asking my self, do i get both?  if i have to choose one, which one?  i love red and green.  it was that great green too, you know that 50's shade of green.  i ended up with the red one.  it was the one i had my heart on for a while.  i started my second wave of paperwhites and planted about a dozen in my pleasure chest.  i hope they have fun in there.

happy monday,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

paperwhite project

people with black thumbs and green thumbs unite.  you can all do this.  i will never forget one of the first times i went to my friend lindsay's house.  it was for a christmas play date when my daughter was a little older than a year and a half.  i actually think i showed up a day early accidentally.  remember that lindsay?!  i showed up all dressed up, got my baby girl all dressed up early in the morning and lindsay answered the door in her pajamas.  i remember thinking to myself, she better get in the shower because the rest of her guests are going to be here soon.  ha!  i'm very unorganized and do things like this on a regular basis.  thankfully i have lindsay to keep me on track, like reminding me that our kids had a piano recital last sunday... the thursday before.  oops!

anyhow, lindsay's house was filled with paperwhites the day of the actual play date.  they were everywhere.  they were beautiful.  i thought, this girl and i are going to have a lot in common.  she likes to garden just like me!

lindsay doesn't really like to garden.  i mean, not like i do anyway.  she can grow beautiful house plants  and can appreciate a beautiful garden but she doesn't have the itch to get her hands dirty and to work in the yard like i do, but she taught me how to grow paperwhites.

in the past few years since that play date i have grown paperwhites for christmas and this year is no exception.  they smell good and they are really cheap decorations.  every year i try growing them differently.  and this year i'm trying two different versions.  these grow so quickly it's literally like you are watching them grow.  so far the ones that are growing the quickest are growing in containers that DO NOT have a hole in the bottom, filled completely with pea gravel.  pea gravel is ugly, but it is cheap and as you get closer to putting these out for decorations you can top the pea gravel with moss or decorative rock.

you want to almost cover the bulbs with the rocks but you need to leave a little bit sticking out so they can bloom.

here we are, week two.  the two white containers are doing better than the one to the right.  the one to the right is filled with a combination of potting soil and pea gravel.

this is the first year i am trying to grow these outside.  they do really well indoors though.  i also have planted them early because i'm going to be selling them at a craft fair the first weekend in december (more on that soon).  i will plant these in waves so i can have them blooming throughout the month of december.

you can grow these in any type of container, just needs to be pretty deep as the roots of the bulbs get pretty long.  the ones i'm going to sell are in the cheapest, ugly, plastic containers because i plan on wrapping them in burlap and tying a jute or maybe a tartan bow around them.

you need to keep the water level pretty high on these also.  you should be able to see the water at the base of the bulbs.  i'll take pictures along the way so you can watch their progress.  this is also really fun for kids because they grow so fast and they love to check their progress.  if you have any questions please feel free to email me and i'll do my best to answer.  this a great way to turn your black thumb green and a nice way to bring the outdoors in.

happy planting,