Thursday, June 30, 2011

i missed these

every once in a while, i find a product that is so me i can't stand it.  that is the case with these shoes.  they have my name written all over them.  what is it with florals like this one that drive me bananas?!  i mean in a good way.  the bad news is they ran out of my size.  maybe i should buy them just to look at them.  they could be part of my decor!  i could put them on a shelf, mix in some grain sacks, add a little red here and there, some wicker.  why did i wait?  i'm going to be dreaming about these beauties.  if you love these as much as i do and have an itty-bitty foot you can buy them here.


Monday, June 27, 2011

little deets

i don't know about you but i'm all about the little details.  i'm guessing if you are a blogger you're all about the deets too.  when it comes to hosting a party for a special occasion i try to make it as personal and special for my guest of honor as possible.  it doesn't matter if it is for my four year old daughter or a friend that is about to have their second child.  i love intimate little gatherings. 

i was super excited to host a small shower for my good friend ashley this past weekend.  i pinned this sign onto my wreath on my front door to divert guests into my backyard.

you may recognize these chairs from grace's blog.  we have joint custody of the chairs.  we purchased them with a group of girls and split the cost.  genius idea.  basically i paid the price of one chair, but get the use of ten.

okay, this was my real labor of love.  i made this... this awning, stand, tablecloth, cover thingy,  everything, the wood frame, skirted tablecloth, and the scalloped edge tablecloth and the bunting.  it is huge and honestly i kind of surprised myself with this.  i will provide a separate post on how i made it soon.

my friend lindsay and i made all the food.  i love food.  i really do and i love to share it with good company.  i mean, is there anything better than sitting around a table with good friends having a cocktail and good food?  i don't think so.


mason jar mojitos.  highly recommend this.  make your cocktails ahead of time in mason jars.  your guests can grab them, shake them, and drink them, huge time saver.

ashley LOVES mojitos.  she asked me to bring her a pitcher of them to the hospital when she has her baby!  is that allowed?!  i figured she can pack this in her hospital bag if she really wants a mojito that bad.

favors wrapped in paper bags sealed with a paper doily

inside the favor bags were these nautical knot bracelets.  i love this photo.  every one of us has helped raise money for the leukemia and lymphoma society in some way or another, either by donating personally or fundraising.  one of us has survived cancer three times.  yes you read that right, one person, cancer three times, lymphoma twice, breast cancer once.

more please

puff balls!

i'm going to take a little breather now!

Friday, June 24, 2011

i'm happy. are you happy?

it's the weekend friends!  mine is jam packed!  how about you?  looking for things to do?   i have two ideas for you: artshow at UNIV tonight and bink & boo trunk show saturday. you fill in the rest.  happy weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

creative with crayons

my daughter's last day of school is this thursday.  she really doesn't get a summer break.  her school just shifts into camp mode for the summer.  they have three camp sessions with specific themes throughout the summer.  i kind of wish she got a real summer vacation.  she is only four.  we would lose our spot for the fall if we pulled her out though.

i've pulled her out of all other activities for the summer so she can get a break from everything else and we've been doing a lot of playing lately.  yesterday we made these for her teachers.  my girl is super sensitive and sometimes she has a hard time at school, especially at drop off.  she wants to hang out with me all the time.  i keep telling her the kids at school are way cooler than i am, but she still wants to be with me.  what do you do with your kiddos for the summer?  is it normal to have year-round preschool with only a two week break throughout the year?

happy wednesday friends!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

it's my wedding's birthday!

it's a BIG birthday!  we're entering the double digits!

ten years ago a guy and girl had a little wedding at a little b&b.  we started our little family and our happy little life a decade ago!  wooohoooo!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

flower house

do you buy flowers for your house often?  i rarely do unless i'm having a party.  i love to garden, but don't bring the garden inside very often.  that's weird.  i'm going to start today.  annie from lovelythings introduced me to this link party at small but charming.  how fun!  

i had a hard time cutting these flowers.  maybe it is because my garden is not that mature, so i don't have an abundance of flowers to cut.  the top picture is in my dining room.  the above picture is on a vanity that was my husband's grandmother's.  i get ready in front of this mirror.  maybe i'd wear makeup more frequently if i kept flowers here!

next to my sweet girl's bed.  even a four year old can appreciate flowers.  she felt so special when i put these in her room.

hope you're having a fantastic week friends!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

i survived!

i got up at 3:30am to run the rock n' roll relay on sunday.  the logistics of getting to a race can be tough.  all the roads are closed so people can run on them.  you have to get up super early!

i love my husband's sense of humor.  and i love that he did this on the fly and that it was written on a piece of junk mail.  you've got to have family support to participate in endurance events.

since i was running a relay i had to carry this "baton", which was a drum stick.  appropriate for the rock n' roll 1/2 marathon.  i accidentally hit someone with it while i was running!  oops sorry about that!

one of my partners in crime.  can you believe she is 15 years older than me?!  i hope i look and feel as good as she does when i am her age.  she ran the nike 1/2 marathon with me last year too and she runs way faster than me, like almost an 8 minute mile!

waiting for the starting gun.  this is what makes race day so much fun.  the intensity in the crowd is unreal,  so much positive energy and adrenaline in the air.

the relay wasn't marked that well and at one point i thought i missed a turnoff and thought i was going to run the whole half.  i actually kind of wanted to.  i felt good the entire race.  running is all mental.  the body can do it, it's the mind that puts on the brakes.  my mind was in the right place on sunday and i felt like i could run forever.

the most positive organization i've ever been associated with.  i've raised over $4,000 for LLS since last year.  no matter how much i raise or give personally to this organization, it will never be enough to repay them for how much they have given me and changed my outlook on life.  if any of you have any desire to run a half marathon or full marathon i highly recommend doing it with team in training.  if you put your whole heart in it, you will have one of the best experiences of your life.  i promise.

Friday, June 3, 2011

my place

the other day i went for a long walk just for the sake of going for a walk, not for marathon training, not for burning x amount of calories, just to walk in a beautiful place.  it was so nice.  this is my place right here.  this is the guy fleming trail at torrey pines.  i love this trail.  i had better pictures but my iphone got an attitude and lost them.  at first the trail is narrow and twists and turns and then you come to this part of the trail and all you see is ocean and wildflowers.
this weekend is it.  i'm done.  to say i'm burned out on training for 1/2 marathons is an understatement.  this weekend i will run in my third 1/2 marathon since last october.  this may not be a big deal to some of you, but i never ran before last year!  i will still run but i want to do it on my own terms.  i do not want to follow a training schedule anymore.  i will run more events in the future, just not for awhile.  i say this now but as soon as i cross the finish line i will want to sign up for another event, and i know one of my running coaches will be tapping me on the shoulder to ask me to participate in a triathlon as she did after i ran my last half marathon.  coach melissa, i know you're not reading this but it is not going to happen my friend.  i'm going to have a hard time saying no as i always do, but this girl needs a break!  i want to take leisure walks/runs when i feel like it.  i want to get back into other forms of exercise because i like it and enjoy it, not for cross training purposes.  i want to have fun while i'm working out.

here's to a good weekend, fun running, and long walks in beautiful places.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

speaking of s'mores

i MUST make! s'more cakes in a mason jar! oh my goodness!  i better double up on my running if i keep eating this way!  recipe can be found here.