Tuesday, May 31, 2011

weekend fun

 have you ever seen marshmallows this big?!

i'm so glad that we decided to add a firepit to our backyard when we had it landscaped.  many good stories, jokes, and good times have been had around the firepit.

supersized marshmallows = oozy gooey messy fun.  we kept it simple this weekend and pretty much hung out around the house, just the three of us.

i'm thinking of having a s'more party.  that'd be fun. everyone bring some way to make s'mores other than chocolate and graham crackers.

blue ribbon mac n' cheese.  i wasn't sure if there was enough fat in the original recipe so just in case i added buttered bread crumbs.

good memories this weekend.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the young folks'

i recently found these great books at the thrift store.  all eight of them were $5.95.  they are part of a ten volume set and two of the volumes are missing.  i'm now on the hunt for the missing volumes.  what initially attracted me to the books was their obvious age, they were printed in 1958, and their color.  then i opened one of the books.  the smell of the book took me back in time.  i love that smell!  the smell of old books reminds me of a very happy time and place in my childhood.  i don't know if i'll ever be able read a digital book, like a kindle.  maybe i'm weird, but i guess there is more to reading a book than the actual reading of words, the textures, the sound of turning the page, and if reading an old book, the smells and memories they bring.

i love the graphics on the covers and the book spines.  this one is titled, "stories about boys and girls"

"fairy tales and fables"

"poetry, reading guide, indexes"

"sport and adventure"

"the animal book"

"stories of wonder and magic"

"stories that never grow old"

"hero tales"

not every story in the books have graphics.  some are plain like this one above, just one color.

others are more colorful like this one

and this one

and this one

in the introduction of the first book i read this.  the last line cracked me up.  i can't wait to read some of these to my girl!  i love my new books.

Monday, May 23, 2011

weepers peepers part two

a while back i did a post about a weeping cherry tree that i planted.  i wasn't sure what i was going to plant around it at the time, but came up with a combination of annuals and perennials.  normally i don't plant annuals in the ground, save them for containers, but they add so much color i wanted to give them a shot around my newly planted tree.  

glad i made that choice, in three weeks time they have really filled in.  i love how much the petunias, lobelia, lambs ear, fountain grass, and lavender work together, texturally and color-wise.

  recently in house beautiful a garden expert said you should only use three different types of plants in a planter.  ha!  that sounds so BORING!  i never have been one to follow the rules!

my helper had to sneak in.  i was laying on the ground to take these pictures and she thought that was hilarious.

i can't wait until the tree fully blooms (it is taking it's sweet time) and when the lavender and fountain grasses fill in.  i chose spanish lavender, mostly because it looked the healthiest at the plant store that day.  the fountain grass i chose is a dwarf variety that doesn't get too big, only 2'x2'.  it is called red riding hood.

this is my new favorite garden plant, lambs ear.  it is loving my backyard, and doing quite well, minus whatever is taking a chomp out of those bottom leaves.  it adds interesting color and soft texture to the garden.

oh, just an update on blue ribbon pizzeria.  i went back yesterday and mentioned to the owners what a loyal customer i've been.  they gave our table two free butterscotch puddings!  love it even more now!

Friday, May 20, 2011

my mouth will never be the same again

last weekend was ridiculous.  it was filled with festivities- overnight slumber party down town, pop-up shop, wine exchange, dinner with good friends, family time.  there was a ton of wining and dining and i seriously feel like i haven't caught up yet, still tired.   these pictures are from blue ribbon pizzeria.  i'm sure i'm the last one on planet to hear about this place, i'm cool like that...or not cool like that.  i'm going to go out on a limb here and say this is my new favorite restaurant.  everything about this restaurant is so right!  it is so simple.  they play good music.  it is quaint and the food, oh my goodness, amazing.  eric and i went with another couple on saturday night and i could not stop thinking about it.  i had to go back for round two on sunday!  then a friend and i went to dinner on tuesday and we have plans to go back again this sunday!  i'm totally addicted!  i mean, they have truffle popcorn!  i can't eat truffle popcorn, but i wish i could.  honestly i could just have the salad and the pudding.  the last picture is butterscotch pudding with carmel sauce, sea salt, and homemade whipped cream.  this stuff will rock your world! blue ribbon even shares some of their recipes!  love this place!

i hope you have a fabulous weekend!  if you want to check out the most precious picture on earth click here.  you might die from cuteness overload.  just a warning!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i can't get enough of this song

this song has an older sound, not sure if it is her voice or the background music that reminds me a little of blondie, a little of the pretenders.  hope you like it as much as i do.  happy tuesday!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

treasure time

i found some super awesome vintage goody goodness this week at the thrift store. i wish i could go to this thrift store daily.

i love this color green.  it was my lucky day because i found this quilt with no holes or tears, and only a couple very small stains AND it was 75% off!  it was very dingy though.  i soaked it overnight in some oxiclean, then took it for a spin in the sanitation cycle of my washing machine and now it is like brand new, except it is a million times cooler than new.

i'm pretty sure the entire quilt was hand stitched.  i think it is a full size quilt but i'm going to use it as a throw blanket  or maybe i'll hang it on a wall somewhere.  i have this color flowing throughout my house and i have tons of empty wall space.

it goes quite nicely with my favorite pillows, although it looks a little bluer here.  you can read the story behind the pillows here (and just for the record i hate the sectional they are sitting on.  you might throw up in your mouth a little when you see it.  just giving you a little warning.)

for the little girl who marches to the beat of her own drum

this past christmas i bought some quilt pieces at the rose bowl flea market.  i wasn't sure what i was going to do with them, but i loved the fabrics in them.  i eventually came up with the idea to turn them into this garland.  i only had three pieces and each one had a hole in the center.  i had to cover up the holes in the center so i kept adding layers and layers to them until i liked the way it looked.

since making the garland, i wanted to take the quilt idea a little bit further and try to use quilt tops as fabric for clothing for my daughter.  it fulfills the fabric junky in me, lots of colors, textures, and prints in one shot.  i'm a fabric freak and there are so many vintage quilts out there with snippets of the past.  look at this turquoise flower print.  it makes me giddy. there was only one piece of it on this quilt top.  if i ever come across some yardage of this stuff i might loose my mind.

wouldn't it be fun to design a line of children's clothing,  something like anthropologie for the kiddos.  working with a quilt top as fabric was a little tricky.  it doesn't lay like a single pice of fabric.

here it is on my sweet thing!  she loves it.  it isn't for everyone, but my girl pulls it off quite nicely.

the front.  nevermind the ketchup she spilled on the front.

the back.  the dress was pretty easy to make until i got to the buttonholes.  more quilt clothes to come in the future!



Monday, May 9, 2011

public declaration = accountability

i'm really mad at myself right now.  i'm in the middle of my half marathon relay training and i haven't been running.  what is wrong with me?  last year my fitness, after my family, was my number one priority.  i've been a major weekend warrior in regards to my training and only running my long runs on saturdays and running one day a week.  for the past two weekends i haven't even done that.  i need a swift kick in the ass.  i have less than a month to go.  i know i can do it but man, i'm having a hard time finding the time to run.  part of the problem is i'm scared to run alone, but i don't like running with people either.  i mean, i like running with people, but running is hard for me and the first three miles are not fun for me.  the last thing i want to do is chat.  once the runners high kicks in i'm fine, but i have to play mind games with myself to get to that point.  i have to tune everything out and mentally be alone.  so, it's time to get busy.  the big day is june fifth friends, and between now and then i'm going to be running like a mother...literally and figuratively.

the run i'm training for is very important to me, so i'm going to lay it on the line every sunday in order to hold myself accountable.  now i'm accountable to you too.


monday- get up at 4:30.  insane i know, but gotta get it in when i can fit it in.  go to gym, run 30 minutes,  eliptical 30 minutes, weights 30 minutes.  possibly run with my running girls in the evening if everyone's schedules jive.  this is going to require lots of caffeine.

tuesday- 30-45 minutes treadmill.

wednesday- get my ass handed to me at spin class at 5:30 am.

thursday- 30-45 minutes treadmill.

friday-  ass in hand again, spin class at 5:30 am.

saturday- long run with my teamies.

sunday- rest day

what do you declare this week?

happy monday friends!

Friday, May 6, 2011

apron strings

yesterday i received a somewhat frantic email.  well, maybe it wasn't frantic, but it had a red exclamation point next to it.  i haven't had one of those since my working days!

it was from the owner of artsoup asking if i had any extra chef hats left over from my daughter's birthday party.  you can read about the party and chef hats here.

i didn't have any left over.  she had another customer who was looking for a chef hat and an apron to give as a gift.  i told her i could make another chef hat.  they were simple enough.  i had never made an apron though, but how hard could it be?  she hooked me up with her other customer.  we discussed colors and i gave her a few options.  we came up with turquoise, coral, and purple.

this all took place around one in the afternoon.  i promised a finished product by noon today.  i had an idea in my mind but i wasn't sure how this was going to end up.  i started playing with layouts, fabrics, cutting, sewing, layering, cutting sewing, layering.  it was fun!

i asked my friend ashley if she could embroider the little girl's name on the apron.  why not rope someone else into my insanity!  ash came through.  if you are reading this girl, huge thank you to you!

mission accomplished.  i hope the lady likes this.  she hasn't seen anything i've made before!

hope all the mamas out there have a fabulous mother's day and a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

well hello there mr austin

funny thing, finding you around these parts.  i never thought i'd find a guy like you at a wholesale nursery.  what will the other roses say?  i thought you were too high maintenance for a place like this.  you really surprised me!  i must say, i was a little star struck at first.  i've never seen you in person before, only on the internet.  i saw you out of the corner of my eye and thought, no, it can't be.  mr austin?  really?  here?  i think i'm in flower love.  

i don't normally pick up guys at the nursery, but you smell so good, and your petals...oh my goodness.  you've even stole the heart of my four year old daughter.  shame on you!  you're a little on the feminine side, but it works for you.

you kind of scare me mr austin, but i'm willing to give this relationship a shot.  what do you think?  can we make this work?

 you'll be in good company.  i will surround you with other beautiful plants and flowers.  you're just going to love the "icee blue podocarpus" i'm going to place you by.  i know, i know, the podocarpus is a little more crazy and masculine than you, but i think that's why it will work.  i think you will balance each other out and that blue foliage is going to be the most awesome backdrop for your blooms.  you're going to shine mr austin.

you'll still take center stage, don't worry.  no one can steal your show!  the podocarpus is just fine living in your shadow.  i've never had a relationship with your type before.  i've read all about your care.  i hope i can take care of you properly.  you are high maintenance.  thankfully most of my other plants are not.  they warned me about you at the nursery, said you have to be retired to have a relationship with a guy like you.  we can prove them wrong right?  i will give you your favorite kind of food, spray you with whatever sprays need spraying and give you haircuts when necessary.  i hope this is a long term relationship.  i hope you like me as much as i like you!  i love you mr austin!