Tuesday, March 29, 2011

dressing up the garden

isn't this beautiful!  it's a little too dressy for my taste but i still love it.  this is at newton winery in st. helena.

the gardens are amazing.  the perimeter of this garden is surrounded by topiaries shaped like corkscrews. how appropriate.

welcome to the jungle.  you know the words.  c'mon sing it!  this is part of my over grown itty-bitty backyard.  i like an unbuttoned garden if you know what i mean, like crazy grasses everywhere, butterfly bushes, gaura, lavender.  

i like plants that dance when the wind blows.

kind of like messy haired kids.  they have more fun you know, messy haired kids.

i kind of like grown-up messy hair too.  when picking me up at the airport once my dad asked me if i rode on top of the airplane instead of inside.  my hair must have looked like a rats nest.

my husband is the opposite.  he keeps his hair high and tight.  he also gets his shirts starched.  the top two pictures remind me of starched shirts.

the jungle, i mean my backyard, is in need of some serious tlc.  it's out of control, plus i want to marry the formality of the top pictures with the wavy grassy style i love so much.  the craziness is also kind of hard to pull off in a garden as small as mine.

good news for me, the wholesale nursery i go to had 1 gallon boxwoods on sale for $2.25.  are you kidding me?  i'll take 50 of them!  just kidding.  kind of.  i bought over 30.  i hope i didn't go overboard.  i don't want my garden to look too starchy.

looking so much better.  i pulled out a bunch of grasses.  i added lambs ear, mallow, petunias, gaura.  i want to add a purple fountain grass in the mix here, but they get humongous.  i need to find a dwarf version.

my backyard was begging for the structure that these boxwood provide.  this is looking a little too formal in this shot.  i'm going to add a couple lavender plants to loosen up the look a little.

it's fun to mix it up and i like the contradiction of styles.  it works for me in more ways than the garden.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

turquoise and coral

i didn't realize how much i love this color combination until i received my kurta from rikshaw designs.

i started looking around my house and found these colors everywhere.  i bought the turquoise vintage beaded necklace at the salv a about a year ago.  a couple years prior to that my bf gave me the coral beaded necklace for hosting her baby shower.

this is a recent purchase on ebay.  love it!

i bought this "s" for my daughter's room a long time ago at a renegade craft fair.

i even have turquoise furniture.  it is less grey in person.

one of my favorite pieces here.  guess where i bought this?  TARGET!  it was in the fancy section of target... the glass case.

if my house ever catches on fire i will grab these, shortie turquoise frye boots.  i have to be in a crazy kind of mood to rock these.  they are super fun and i normally wear them to super fun events, like concerts.  i even have a coral ottoman.  when did i accumulate all this stuff?!

even my hairspray comes in turquoise and orange.  what's your favorite color combo?

Friday, March 25, 2011

on the road again

last year i ran my first half marathon with team in training.  it was one of the best experiences ever, life changing.  seriously.  tomorrow is my first official training run for my second team in training event.  this time instead of training for a half marathon, i will be training for half of a half marathon relay.  i will raise money.  i will give up every saturday for 8 weeks.  i will teach my girl some serious life lessons.  i will miss my family.  i will hurt.  i will cry.  i will have fun.  i will meet new people.  i will get out of my comfort zone.  i will give this beyond 100%.  i will do this over and over again until there is a cure.  i know too many affected.

have a fabulous weekend!

run,baby, run! ;)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

sweetest sewing shop

meet maisonnette.  i cannot tell you how long i've looked for a little gem like this.  my grandmother was an amazing seamstress and crafty lady.  she taught me sewing basics when i was younger.  i would spend a week at her house during my summer vacations and we would sew and make crafts all week.  she was unbelievably talented.  she could make wedding dresses, custom draperies, upholster furniture.


my grandma passed away when i was in high school very suddenly.  she was way too young and it rocked my family.  this blog has much to do with her, if not everything.  it has been a long time since her passing, but now that i'm a mother and an adult i wish more than ever that she was still around to teach me everything she knew.  she was a saint.  she had four boys of her own but wanted a girl so her and my grandfather adopted a baby girl.  then they had another boy.  after that a little boy that lived on my grandparent's street lost both of his parents in an accident, so my grandparents adopted him too.  she was a nurse.  we need people like her in this world!  this is not how i intended for this post to go.  oh well, this is real.

okay, let me get back on track.  i've been searching for a place like maisonnette to teach me how to sew for over a decade, for a place to pick up where i left off with my grandma, to finish what i started.  i feel like my class got cut short, like my grandma was reading me a story but we only got halfway through.  last weekend i took my first sewing lesson at maisonnette.  the store is adorable, filled with beautiful fabrics, patterns, artwork, photography, and sweet outfits made by my sewing teacher.

i always imagined that if, and that is a huge if, i ever found someone to teach me to sew, it would be someone older, like a grandma.  i don't know many people my age that can sew and it seems to be a lost art.  my sewing teacher at maisonnette was not a grandma.  i'm guessing she's in her early twenties, like really early twenties, like maybe twenty.  don't let her age fool you though.  the girl's got skills, major skills!

she is so talented!  she upholstered this chair!  um, i think you need to offer upholstery classes too!  there are a couple different options for sewing classes at masionnette.  you can either take a private lesson to work on a specific project or they have a handful of classes that you can do with a friend or a group of friends.  i had a specific project in mind so i opted for the private lesson.  i do want to get a group of girls together and try one of their classes though.

now back to the blue tape i mentioned in a previous post.  if you don't sew yet you might not get this, but if you're just learning or dabbling in sewing this might change your sewing life, or at least help you sew straight lines!  sewing machines have little notches on them near the presser foot that act as guides for seam allowances.  the only problem is sometimes they get covered up by the fabric that you are sewing or they aren't long enough.  well slap some blue painters tape on your sewing machine and problem solved.  um, did a twenty year old really just teach me this?!  i'm telling you she's a sewing genius.

here is a preview of what i learned to make at my sewing lesson.  i have one last detail to finish and i will show you the completed project.

wow, that was a long post!  when did i become so long winded?  thank you for reading.  i hope you enjoy what you are reading so far.  i'm really enjoying writing :)

for you socal residents, maisonnette can be found here:  http://www.maisonnetteoceanside.com/

Monday, March 21, 2011

any P-Dub fans in the house?

just finished reading this last night.  i don't watch much tv, not any really.  i prefer reading blogs and books.  this was a quick and easy read and was fun since i've been following the pioneer woman blog for a while and i knew some of the cast of characters.  isn't it crazy, the book started on a blog!

happy monday!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

fun finds this week!

i've always wanted to do this, a stack of vintage suitcases.  i bought these all at the same place, but from different vendors.  the top one is missing the handle so the seller rigged up a gauze handle, looks like a balled up paper towel in this picture, but it looks cooler in person.  plus if i told you how cheap it was you might have a heart attack.

these colors are right up my alley.

rusty metal barstool.  i think this barstool will be happy as a plant stand.

i'm going to attempt to turn this into a coat rack.  i need to find some kind of feet and hooks for this little number.

these are the most random thing i've ever bought, but they are so cute!  i bought them for my daughter but they don't fit her!  so bummed.

i also have some very bad news to report.  mr rooster arrived...with part of his beak missing.  poor mr rooster.  i'm very disappointed with his original owner.  what kind of knucklehead wraps a vintage ceramic lamp with one piece of bubble wrap and ships it across the country?!  mr. rooster had so much potential!

have a great weekend!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

these suckers are expensive!

so i did a little post last week about my inspiration for the front room in my house without much research (okay, none).  i included some vintage club chairs. at $5400 a pair, i thought that seemed a little on the steep side.  well, i've done a little research since then and boy was i wrong! here is a collection of lovely vintage clubs.  the pair above cost $7,500.

$13,000 for these sweeties. yes you read that right, thirteen thousand dollars.

next to price it said contact dealer, never a good sign.  do you get a special insurance policy on this kind of furniture?

$15,000 for these.  is this for real?! i mean these are beautiful, but i feel like i could go on vacation in paris, like one of those paris flea market kind of shopping tour vacations, and pick these up and pay for a trip for less than that. i'd love it if someone who has experience with this stuff chimed in. i'm i off base here?  oh wait a minute, no one is reading this.  ha!  maybe i'm just naive.

look at all those vintage club chairs! this shop is in the town my best friend lives in. i must go here next time i head up north.

these are kind of fun and they are cheap! too bad they are in england. maybe my aunt who is from england can bring them home for me next time she goes back for a visit :)

so all you estate sale hunters and gatherers if you find a pair of these on one of your hunts, let me know! i will pay a finders fee if i end up buying!

have a wonderful wednesday!

Monday, March 14, 2011

i wish my camera could capture how happy these make my mouth

first of all, let me say that i am not a baker.  i can cook, but baking and i generally don't agree with each other.  so when i read this recipe my first inclination was to buy store bought pita bread or to go buy them from a greek restaurant.  after reading how amazing the homemade pita bread is i decided to give it a try and i am SO glad i did.  it only takes five simple ingredients and it is so fun to make.

this was the dough when i first put it in the bowl to rise.

this was after i let it rise.  isn't that crazy!  it just sits there and grows.  this may not amaze you but when i was growing up there was no time for this kind of cooking.   i had two working parents and i often had hamburger helper or hot dogs and mac n' cheese for dinner.  after it rose i had to punch it down.  it was so fun to punch the dough!  maybe i'll just make these whenever i'm having a bad day, just to punch the dough.

the process is pretty simple but there is quite a bit of wait time for the rising, punching, and relaxing of the dough.  it is so worth it though!

yummy warm goodness!  they are so good!  my pita bread are not round or even, but my mouth doesn't care about that!

the finale.  make these for dinner.  you will be happy you did plus you'll have a blast making them.

thank you annie's eats for sharing these awesome recipes!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

whirlwind weekend!

what a whirlwind this weekend has been!  on friday night i tried out this new asian spinach salad recipe and was happy with how quickly and easy it was to make.

on saturday i took a private sewing lesson at the sweetest fabric store, can't wait to tell you more about that project, the store, and the significance of the blue tape (seriously might change my sewing life).

i also got my first iphone on saturday.  hallelujah!  i held off on this for a very long time.  i love and hate the idea of always being connected, so i waited.  plus i normally don't buy phones, at least not expensive ones.  these bottom two pics are taken with the hipstamatic app, which i'm now addicted to.  pretty cool, huh?

today i went to the first of many upcoming baby showers.  the favors were "mommy merlot".  now that's my kind of baby shower!  i gave away my first sleep sack and i made some coordinating burp cloths with the baby's initial appliqued on it.

overall, great weekend!

have a great week!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

the beginning of an idea

the first room people see when they walk in my house is pretty ugly.  it is my attempt at interior design and it is an office.   my husband and i want to redo the room, but i'm too scared to try it again alone.  i end up buying furniture that is the wrong size for the room, wrong paint colors, everything just goes haywire and i hate the room.  these are the elements i'd like to add to my new room.  for starters the grain sack above.

then a classic white sofa.  not this one, but something similar.  it must be english rolled arm style, with three down blend seat cushions, casters in the front, white slipcover.  it doesn't necessarily have to have back cushions, tight back would actually probably be better since i plan on filling it with beautiful pillows.

i have no idea how much this fabric costs,  a pretty penny i'm sure.  i want a couple throw pillows made out of this.  this fabric is the inspiration for the whole room so i think it is okay to spend a little extra on something that has such an important role. this a bennison fabric which i had never even heard of until i started following the polished pebble.  thank you kelley for introducing me to amazing textiles!

are these really $5400?! too much for me.

i already own this!  yeah!  score on ebay!

every room needs some wicker in my opinion.

some black pieces would be good in the room too.

got this guy on ebay this morning.  i hope he is as cute in person.  it is a lamp, can't really tell that from this picture.

that is it!  that is my inspiration so far.  i would like to incorporate some chippy green painted furniture and maybe some reds too.