Wednesday, December 14, 2011

craftee christmas: pillow project and other christmas decor

hey,hey, hey!  still here friends?

when melissa and i first started working on "the room" she suggested adding contrast piping to the window seat cushion.  i'm so glad i spoke up because i'm fickle and change my mind a lot.  maybe not change my mind so much as get bored, and i requested the piping be neutral like the cushion. the main components of the room needed to be neutral so i could change out pillows and such when i get the urge.  i've always wanted to make pillows but have been scared for some reason.  i made the red floral pillows and the blue and white plaid pillows.  i bought the red fabric at the thrift store for a couple bucks and got the plaid fabric for free here.  i used this tutorial on how to make the pillows.  red, white, and blue is a little unconventional for christmas, but they can double up for fourth of july pillows too!  

one of my first christopher radko ornaments, i started collecting these when little miss s was born.  i buy two a year, one for me, one for her.  when she grows up she will get hers and will have a very nice collection of ornaments.

i recently celebrated a birthday and one of my friends surprised me with this flower pot.  she had no idea about the pillows and i needed something for this spot.  it is unreal how well the pot works in the mix.  it's a little unexpected and so much prettier in person.  here, a stack of vintage ornament boxes elevate my favorite candle.

another radko ornament, i think this one is a classic.  any other radko collectors out there?  the ornaments can be a bit over the top, so i'm very picky about which ones i choose.

i had grand plans to make homemade popcorn garland, had being the key word.  the popcorn kept breaking and i had no patience for it.

these are new to me this year and they are awesome!  this is the best way to buy christmas lights.  i bought them at a christmas store here in san diego.  you buy everything a la carte, the cord, and the bulbs.  you can choose your cord color, white or green, your cord length, up to 50' long on one strand, your socket size, and then your bulbs.  you can buy all one color bulb, multiple color bulbs, opaque bulbs, shiny bulbs, globe bulbs, you decide.  the possibilities are endless!  i was tired of little lights that hardly put out any light.  i went with the big babies, giant c9 sockets, with traditional opaque, white bulbs.

these are a long-time tradition in my house and my parents', wooden, red bead garland.

all of these were bought at the thrift store for super cheap this summer.

i made the plaid pillows from a tablecloth i bought at the thrift store too.  see what i mean about he piping on the cushion?  i'm glad i went plain.  did you know the bench seat is a seat just for pillows?  who needs room to sit?  i love pillows.

and finally, my pleasure chest.

happy holidays friends!  i hope you're enjoying the season!



  1. You have such wonderful taste and are so incredibly talented! I love this room with the brick floor and the way you've decorated it. ~Delores

  2. The feeling is mutual Delores! I want your grain sack chairs for this room! They'd be prefect!

  3. love the pillows, they're darling. the blue and red is such a fun color combo, and love the mix of patterns.

    merry, merry

  4. Hi Amber- everything looks beautiful in your holiday home.
    Happy Holidays to you.

  5. aww, love all of it! I don't really decorate for the holidays but you're making me wish I did- so festive :)

  6. Amber, everything looks so beautiful! Do you mind telling me the name of the thrift store? I've actually been searching for vintage ornaments/boxes.

  7. Leah, Valley Thrift Store in Escondido of all places.

  8. I love seeing your room all dressed up for the holidays! Your paper whites, your tree, your boxes of shiny brite ornaments (I saw so many of these at the flea market...why did I not buy them)? your new vase, perfect in every way, but my favorite is your adorable family photo...what a beautiful, happy family!